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Paris - France

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Playsoft is a mobile game development company based in Gdansk, Poland, and Paris, France. We’ve been around for 12 years working exclusively in mobile games, both developing games for clients all over the world and developing our own IPs.

We’re gamers at heart, so you can be assured that we’ve made each of our games as we’d like to play them.

Fun games don’t appear out of anywhere. They’re created by not only gathering the best talent but also building a framework that enables the team to click and bring value to a player every day.

Flexibility on-demand. We can step in or out of a project at any given time in the areas of game development, live operations, and in an ad-hoc capacity for when you just need a few extra hands on deck.

We aim to form a collaborative and transparent partnership with each of our clients. We’ll involve you in all of our project planning so that you can drive the game’s vision and provide constant feedback while we provide the programming skills.

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