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Paris - France

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Mix for Value

Rice Trotters has just opened a new 100% homemade and naturally gluten-free canteen at 16 rue Saint-Augustin!

Rice Trotters works sweet and salty rice in all its forms (in grains, in flour, in noodles, in drink ...) and all the flavors.

Rice being grown and consumed on the 5 continents, it is a pretext for you to travel around the world and share with you the culture of the countries where our rice and homemade recipes come from.

Naturally healthy and nourishing (it's a low glycemic index complex carbohydrate) rice is also a good partner for your fitness. Finally, our menu just like rice, naturally and effortlessly 100% gluten free!

See you soon at 16 rue Saint-Augustin or 22 rue du Colisée 75008 Paris to discover our world!

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